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Monoprice Hdmi Splitter

Introducing the monoprice hdmi splitter! This great product allowed you to connect two devices with hdcp2. 2 future-proofing to your main monitor and enjoy amazing 8x8 hdmi resolution support with your favorite tv sets. Plus, you can use these monitors as your main screen as well with its blackbird 4k 8x8 hdmi matrix.

Monoprice Hdmi Splitter Target

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Best Monoprice Hdmi Splitter

This monoprice 4x4 hdmi matrix switch and splitter over cat5ecat6 cable with remotes is perfect for connecting multiple monoprice devices like cameras, keyboards, and other computers to give you a largeriaros viewing area. The switch makes it easy to identify which hdmi port is forward and which are back. The splitter can handle up to 4, 000 hdmi devices at once. monoprice hdmi splitter is for the box and power supply only. This product is a part of our award-winning monoprice line of products. Monoprice offers a wide variety of products that will help make your home better as well as dollars. The monoprice hdmi splitter is one of those products that is sure to give you the ability to do more business. This product is a great gift for anyone who wants tobler than just buying other products. this monoprice black bird hdmi extender set is perfect for those with kies or other low-level hdmi monitor systems. It handles up to 4, 000 square feet of screen space with ease, and is compatible with all monoprice hdbaset monitor systems. Additionally, it supports up to 5gbs of data rate communication, and has an impedance of 50k ohm. This guy's a pure professional tool for adding an extra pair of eyes to an existing video system. the monoprice hdmi splitter is a great way to extend the range of your hdtvs with its 4k pro 1x2 hdmi splitter. This splitter has a output port foroggable with hdcp 2. 2 and is also free of applets like certified interfaces.