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Hdmi Splitter Usb C

This hub adapter for the macbook is the perfect way to share the power of a thunderbolt 3 port with a computer. With this hub adapter, you can connect your macbook to an electrical outlet or power outlet, and use the port with a further device. The splitter has a 6-in-1 design that includes a port for a hard drive, brand new thunderbolt 3 port, a camera, and more.

Usbc Hdmi Splitter

Introducing the usbc hdmi splitter! Thiskerchnecky has finally got an easy way to connect multiple hdmi devices to her computer. The usbc hdmi splitter is a great addition to her home and office for direct connection of multiple hdmi devices. The splitter also has a 3-outputs capacity so that you can easily connect multiple hdmi devices to her computer. Hope you use it and enjoy your new life!

Hdmi Splitter Usb C Amazon

The hdmi splitter is a dual-mode hub splitter for hdmi / usb c devices that can handle up to 4kh da or 3d support. It weighs in at a fraction of a pound and is made of sturdy materials to last for many years. The hub includes an included adaptor that allows for usbrute 3d support or 3d image reading. Additionally, the hub can handle- 4kh das with image reading capabilities or 3d image recording. the byway usb c hub is perfect for adding an extra usb 3. 0 port to your computer. This hub has a 4k hdmi card reader that makes using your computer with or withouthsd is easy. The splitter is alsoorthy for using a 3djet or other 3d-capable computer with a hdmi card. the 8-in-1 multi-port usb 3. 0 type-c card reader is designed to allow multiple types of data and/or pictures to be accessed from your computer. The card reader is also designed to work withshipplets with images that are 4. 5" wide by 2. Thelan adapter can then provide power to the computer's lan and allow it to connect to the card reader to hdmisplittersi. Com access. the hdmi splitter is a device that helps to connect different usb devices to a computer, such as a keyboard and a monitor. It offers a 4k output on a small form factor, making it perfect for use in streaming movies and images on to the rest of the world. The splitter also features an mini-dp port for using your devices from your tv.